• TG Speaking at 2017 National Land Conference, Charlotte, NC - April 1, 2017
  • TG Co-Chair of Eminent Domain CLE, Skirvin Hilton, Oklahoma City, OK - February 23, 2017
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Plains & Eastern Clean Line

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Trae Gray
Trae Gray's Appearance on “The Verdict” early in his career discussing how it all started.

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Clean Line


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Trae Gray
“Legal Considerations for Landowners Agreeing to Allow the Application of Drilling Mud to Agricultural Land.” » See Video

Can a company take my land?

How can I get compensation?

What questions should I ask?

Yes! And for most Landowners the taking of their land is unwanted and seems to be an unjust process. The condemning company has certain legal rights to utilize and sometimes take the property. Companies know exactly what their rights are.
Usually, the law provides you protection, but if one is not keenly aware of those protections, it can be extremely hard to bargain and get what you deserve. Essentially, you need a Landowner attorney to help you make informed decisions about your situation.
• Are you giving up or protecting valuable subsurface rights?
• Are you protecting your water rights?
• Will electricity access be above (poles) or below ground?
• Are the terms clearly defined in the agreement?

You need the same expertise Our knowledge will help you We will guide you through!